Core Lecture List

Date Time Lecture Code Lecture Title Lecturer Location
Mon 15 Jan 201809:00L1 Official Welcome and Program Introduction Hatamleh, James
Tue 16 Jan 201809:00L2 Astronaut Lecture YiMC1-02
Tue 16 Jan 201810:15L3 Space 2.0 Tata-NardiniMC1-02
Tue 16 Jan 201811:30L4 The Economics of Space PeetersMC1-02
Wed 17 Jan 201809:00L5 Origins and Principles of Space Law DavisMC1-02
Wed 17 Jan 201810:15L6 Financial Aspects, Business Structure and Planning PeetersMC1-02
Wed 17 Jan 201811:30L7 International and Domestic Regulation of Launches DavisMC1-02
Thu 18 Jan 201809:00L8 Human Space Exploration ?MC1-02
Thu 18 Jan 201810:15L9 Space Psychology JurblumMC1-02
Thu 18 Jan 201811:30L10 Being an Astronaut YiMC1-02
Fri 19 Jan 201809:00L11 Space Ethics ArnouldMC1-02
Fri 19 Jan 201810:15L12 Space Medicine GoodenMC1-02
Fri 19 Jan 201811:30L13 Spacesuit Design WaldieMC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 201809:00L14 System Approach to New Capabilities in EO WoodMC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 201810:15L15 Introduction to Satellite Application NikoloffMC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 201811:30L16 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing BruceMC1-02
Tue 23 Jan 201809:00L17 Launch Systems NeumannMC1-02
Tue 23 Jan 201810:15L18 Orbital Dynamics TsafnatMC1-02
Tue 23 Jan 201811:30L19 Positioning Navigation and Timing DempsterMC1-02
Wed 24 Jan 201809:00L20 The Sun and Solar Wind CaprarelliMC1-02
Wed 24 Jan 201810:15L21 The Space Environment CairnsMC1-02
Wed 24 Jan 201811:30L22 Space Situational Awareness NeudeggMC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 201809:45L23 Frequency Allocation SenataMC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 201811:00L24 Fundamentals of Space Telecommunications CowleyMC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 201812:15L25 Communication Applications in Space LechnerMC1-02
Fri 26 Jan 201809:00L26 SBAS MichellMC1-02
Fri 26 Jan 201810:15L27 Space Law ZwartMC1-02
Fri 26 Jan 201811:30L28 Space Law BlakeMC1-02
Mon 29 Jan 201809:00L35 Innovation HatamlehMC1-02
Mon 29 Jan 201810:15L36 Spacecraft Systems ConnollyMC1-02
Mon 29 Jan 201811:30L37 CubeSats MC1-02
Tue 30 Jan 201809:00L29 Cultural Rationales for Space Activities DoughertyITR - Building W
Tue 30 Jan 201810:15L30 Space and Society Dougherty, Gorman
Tue 30 Jan 201811:30L31 Space junk Gorman
Wed 31 Jan 201809:00L32 The Solar System CaprarelliITR - Building W
Wed 31 Jan 201810:15L33 The EM spectrum Caprarelli
Wed 31 Jan 201811:30L34 Mars Jones
Thu 1 Feb 201809:00L38 Off Earth Structural Engineering ScottMC1-02
Thu 1 Feb 201810:15L39 Space Mission Design ConnollyMC1-02
Thu 1 Feb 201811:30L40 Planning Human Missions to Mars ConnollyMC1-02
Fri 2 Feb 201809:00L41 Spacecraft Propulsion ConnollyMC1-02
Fri 2 Feb 201810:15L42 Cosmology: The Origin and Fate of the Universe LineweaverMC1-02
Fri 2 Feb 201811:30L43 TBD TBDMC1-02