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Event Category Event Name Presenters Time Duration
Mon 8 Jan 2018SE1ASpecial Event Week 0 Space English Acces Course Carnett09:008:00MC1-03 Mawson Centre
Mon 8 Jan 2018SE1ASpecial Event Week 0 Space English Acces Course Carnett09:008:00MC1-03 Mawson Centre
Sun 14 Jan 2018SE1Special Event Participant Registration 09:009:00Experience 1
Sun 14 Jan 2018SE2Special Event Welcome and Participant Introduction 19:001:00Experience 1
Mon 15 Jan 2018L1Core Lecture Official Welcome and Program Introduction Hatamleh, James09:003:00
Mon 15 Jan 2018SE3Special Event Class and Staff Pictures 14:001:00At the UniSA sign, near the Mawson Centre
Mon 15 Jan 2018SE4Special Event Rehearsal of Opening Ceremony 15:001:00Allan Scott Auditorium, City West
Mon 15 Jan 2018SE5Special Event Opening Ceremony 16:001:00Allan Scott Auditorium, City West
Mon 15 Jan 2018SE6Special Event Reception 17:002:00Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, City West
Tue 16 Jan 2018L2Core Lecture Astronaut Lecture Yi09:001:00MC1-02
Tue 16 Jan 2018L3Core Lecture Space 2.0 Tata-Nardini10:151:00MC1-02
Tue 16 Jan 2018L4Core Lecture The Economics of Space Peeters11:301:00MC1-02
Tue 16 Jan 2018WS2Workshop Learning Skills Workshop 14:003:00Planetarium - Building P
Tue 16 Jan 2018WS1Workshop Intercultural Communication Workshop Peeters14:003:00MC1-03
Tue 16 Jan 2018WS3Workshop Learning Skills Workshop 14:003:00Planetarium - Building P
Tue 16 Jan 2018WS4-1Workshop Team Building 1 Yi19:003:00Experience 1, A2-23, Building A
Wed 17 Jan 2018L5Core Lecture Origins and Principles of Space Law Davis09:001:00MC1-02
Wed 17 Jan 2018L6Core Lecture Financial Aspects, Business Structure and Planning Peeters10:151:00MC1-02
Wed 17 Jan 2018L7Core Lecture International and Domestic Regulation of Launches Davis11:301:00MC1-02
Wed 17 Jan 2018WS4-2Workshop Team Building 2 Yi19:003:00Experience 1, A2-23, Building A
Thu 18 Jan 2018L8Core Lecture Human Space Exploration ?09:001:00MC1-02
Thu 18 Jan 2018L9Core Lecture Space Psychology Jurblum10:151:00MC1-02
Thu 18 Jan 2018L10Core Lecture Being an Astronaut Yi11:301:00MC1-02
Thu 18 Jan 2018WS5Workshop Expeditionary Behaviour Yi, Jurblum14:003:00MM1-04
Thu 18 Jan 2018PE1-SE7Public Event Distinguished Lecturer ?18:002:00Allan Scott Auditorium, Uni SA City West Campus
Thu 18 Jan 2018SE8Special Event Refreshments 20:001:00Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, City West
Fri 19 Jan 2018L11Core Lecture Space Ethics Arnould09:001:00MC1-02
Fri 19 Jan 2018L12Core Lecture Space Medicine Gooden10:151:00MC1-02
Fri 19 Jan 2018L13Core Lecture Spacesuit Design Waldie11:301:00MC1-02
Fri 19 Jan 2018WS6Workshop Human Adaptation to Spaceflight: Lecture + Workshop Gooden, Waldie, Cable14:003:00MC1-03
Fri 19 Jan 2018WS4-3Workshop Team Building 3 Yi19:003:00Experience 1, A2-23, Building A
Sat 20 Jan 2018WS4-4Workshop Rube-Goldberg Yi09:005:00X1
Sat 20 Jan 2018PE2-SE9Public Event International Astronaut and Human Spaceflight Panel Yi, Peeters, Hatamleh18:002:00Allan Scott Auditorium, Uni SA City West Campus
Sat 20 Jan 2018SE10Special Event Refreshments 20:001:00Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, City West
Sun 21 Jan 2018SE11Special Event Participant Debate Hatamleh19:002:00Experience 1
Mon 22 Jan 2018L14Core Lecture System Approach to New Capabilities in EO Wood09:001:00MC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 2018L15Core Lecture Introduction to Satellite Application Nikoloff10:151:00MC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 2018L16Core Lecture Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Bruce11:301:00MC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 2018SE12aSpecial Event Quiz Briefing OH12:300:15MC1-02
Mon 22 Jan 2018WS7Workshop Planetarium 14.00 and 15.30 + 2 groups, 1 hour each14:003:00Experience 1
Mon 22 Jan 2018PE3-SE13Public Event Role of Ethics in Space Arnould19:002:00mc121
Mon 22 Jan 2018SE13Special Event Refreshments 21:001:00
Tue 23 Jan 2018L17Core Lecture Launch Systems Neumann09:001:00MC1-02
Tue 23 Jan 2018L18Core Lecture Orbital Dynamics Tsafnat10:151:00MC1-02
Tue 23 Jan 2018L19Core Lecture Positioning Navigation and Timing Dempster11:301:00MC1-02
Tue 23 Jan 2018WS8aWorkshop Orbital Mechanics Tsafnat14:003:00MM1-04, MM1-04
Tue 23 Jan 2018WS8bWorkshop GNSS Dempster14:003:00F1-13
Tue 23 Jan 2018WS9Workshop Balloon Launch Planning TBD19:003:00MM1-04, MM1-04
Wed 24 Jan 2018L20Core Lecture The Sun and Solar Wind Caprarelli09:001:00MC1-02
Wed 24 Jan 2018L21Core Lecture The Space Environment Cairns10:151:00MC1-02
Wed 24 Jan 2018L22Core Lecture Space Situational Awareness Neudegg11:301:00MC1-02
Wed 24 Jan 2018WS10Workshop SSA and Space Environment Workshop Cairns, Neudegg14:003:00F1-15
Thu 25 Jan 2018SE12bSpecial Event Quiz #1 08:301:00MC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 2018L23Core Lecture Frequency Allocation Senata09:451:00MC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 2018L24Core Lecture Fundamentals of Space Telecommunications Cowley11:001:00MC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 2018L25Core Lecture Communication Applications in Space Lechner12:151:00MC1-02
Thu 25 Jan 2018WS11Workshop Telecommunication Workshop Lechner, Cowley14:003:00MM1-04
Thu 25 Jan 2018PE4-SE14Public Event Panel on Enablers for countries developing a space indus try TBD18:002:00
Thu 25 Jan 2018SE15Special Event Refreshments 20:001:00
Fri 26 Jan 2018L26Core Lecture SBAS Michell09:001:00MC1-02
Fri 26 Jan 2018L27Core Lecture Space Law Zwart10:151:00MC1-02
Fri 26 Jan 2018L28Core Lecture Space Law Blake11:301:00MC1-02
Fri 26 Jan 2018WS12Workshop Space Law OR Space Tourism/Geopolitics of Launch TBD14:003:00Experience 1
Fri 26 Jan 2018SE16Special Event Refreshments Australia Day 19:001:00
Fri 26 Jan 2018SE17Special Event Culture Night #1 20:003:00Experience 1
Sat 27 Jan 2018WS13Workshop Design Thinking and Innovation Issues Workshop Hatamleh09:003:00
Sat 27 Jan 2018WS14Workshop Balloon Launch Prep TBD14:003:00
Sat 27 Jan 2018WS15Workshop Balloon Experiment TBD19:003:00Room to be advised
Sun 28 Jan 2018SE18Special Event Balloon Launch 07:0011:00
Mon 29 Jan 2018L35Core Lecture Innovation Hatamleh09:001:00MC1-02
Mon 29 Jan 2018L36Core Lecture Spacecraft Systems Connolly10:151:00MC1-02
Mon 29 Jan 2018L37Core Lecture CubeSats 11:301:00MC1-02
Mon 29 Jan 2018WS19Workshop Cubesat Workshop TBD14:004:00Experience 1 (A2-23)
Mon 29 Jan 2018WS17Workshop Balloon Experiment Results/Analysis 19:004:00MC1-02
Tue 30 Jan 2018L29Core Lecture Cultural Rationales for Space Activities Dougherty09:001:00ITR - Building W
Tue 30 Jan 2018L30Core Lecture Space and Society Dougherty, Gorman10:151:00
Tue 30 Jan 2018L31Core Lecture Space junk Gorman11:301:00
Tue 30 Jan 2018WS16Workshop Space and Culture Workshop Gorman, Dougherty14:003:00
Tue 30 Jan 2018SE19Special Event Tech Talks - Disruptive Technologies 18:003:00MC1-03
Wed 31 Jan 2018L32Core Lecture The Solar System Caprarelli09:001:00ITR - Building W
Wed 31 Jan 2018L33Core Lecture The EM spectrum Caprarelli10:151:00
Wed 31 Jan 2018L34Core Lecture Mars Jones11:301:00
Wed 31 Jan 2018WS18Workshop TBD Jones, Rollison, Caprarelli14:003:00
Thu 1 Feb 2018L38Core Lecture Off Earth Structural Engineering Scott09:001:00MC1-02
Thu 1 Feb 2018L39Core Lecture Space Mission Design Connolly10:151:00MC1-02
Thu 1 Feb 2018L40Core Lecture Planning Human Missions to Mars Connolly11:301:00MC1-02
Thu 1 Feb 2018WS20Workshop TBD TBD14:003:00
Thu 1 Feb 2018PE5-SE20Public Event Public Lecture : Keynote Talk by Charley Lineweaver 18:002:00
Thu 1 Feb 2018SE21Special Event Refreshments 20:001:00Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, City West
Fri 2 Feb 2018L41Core Lecture Spacecraft Propulsion Connolly09:001:00MC1-02
Fri 2 Feb 2018L42Core Lecture Cosmology: The Origin and Fate of the Universe Lineweaver10:151:00MC1-02
Fri 2 Feb 2018L43Core Lecture TBD TBD11:301:00MC1-02
Fri 2 Feb 2018WS21Workshop Rocket Launch Preparation / Work TBD14:003:00Experience 1
Fri 2 Feb 2018SE22Special Event Culture Night #2 20:002:00Experience 1
Sat 3 Feb 2018WS22Workshop Rocket Launch Preparation / Work TBD09:004:00Experience 1
Mon 5 Feb 2018SE23Special Event SWOT, study time, exam preparation 09:004:00MC1-02
Mon 5 Feb 2018SE24Special Event SWOT, study time, exam preparation 14:001:00MC1-03
Mon 5 Feb 2018SE25Special Event Quiz #2 15:001:00
Mon 5 Feb 2018SE26Special Event Exam 16:002:00
Tue 6 Feb 2018WS23Workshop Technical Writing Skills TBD16:002:00Experience 1
Wed 7 Feb 2018WS24aWorkshop Presentation Skills 1 TBD16:002:00Experience 1
Wed 7 Feb 2018WS24bWorkshop Presentation Skills 2 TBD19:002:00MM Oval Office (MM1-05)
Thu 8 Feb 2018WS24cWorkshop Presentation Skills 3 TBD16:002:00Experience 1
Fri 9 Feb 2018WS24dWorkshop Presentation Skills 4 TBD15:003:00
Fri 9 Feb 2018SE27Special Event Culture Night #3 20:002:00Experience 1
Sat 10 Feb 2018SE27- Opt1Special Event Start-up workshops: Business Plan 09:002:00
Sat 10 Feb 2018SE28- Opt1Special Event Start-up workshops: Business Plan 10:002:00
Sun 11 Feb 2018SE29- Opt2Special Event Career Workshops: CV writing 10:002:00
Mon 12 Feb 2018SE30Special Event Final Draft 17:001:00
Tue 13 Feb 2018SE31Special Event Printing Deadline 17:001:00
Thu 15 Feb 2018SE32Special Event Feed-back session Dansie11:001:00Oval Theatre MM Building
Thu 15 Feb 2018SE33Special Event Alumni Day 14:005:00
Thu 15 Feb 2018SE34Special Event Space Masquerade Ball 20:004:00X1
Fri 16 Feb 2018SE35Special Event Deregistration 11:001:00MC1-03
Fri 16 Feb 2018SE36Special Event Rehearsal of Closing Ceremony 14:001:00MC1-02
Fri 16 Feb 2018SE37Special Event Closing Ceremony 15:002:00MC1-02
Fri 16 Feb 2018SE38Special Event Reception 17:002:00Mawson Centre